The last Meeting in 2020 will take place Tuesday, December 8, at 7:30 PM via the K1BKE Repeater, 146.895 MHz (100 Hz Tone). In a normal year we would have a Christmas Party at a local restaurant. This is certainly not a normal year. Our tentative Program will be “A Holiday Wish List”. What do you most hope for during this Season.

This On-The-Air Meeting will be followed by a “Zoom” Party, co-ordinated by Wolf, KA1VOU. The theme will be “Merry Ham Holidays”. Maybe we will vote on who is wearing the ugliest Christmas Sweater, the most impressive attire, or who shows off the tackiest gift. I know this is a poor substitute for the “Yankee Swap” but do you have a better idea?

73, Dale Clement, AF1T


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