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Officer elections & the Prez says

The Ballots have been counted, and the following CVRC Officers have been unanimously elected for 2021:

President – Wolf Seidlich, KA1VOU.

Vice-President – Dave Perrin, K1OPQ.

Secretary – Steve Jones, N1JHJ.

Treasurer – Michele Clement, W1MKY.

Many thanks to Lindsay Collins, K1JY, for thoroughly conducting and overseeing the Election process.

Please give the Officers your support in guiding the Club through these difficult times. In particular let everyone know how you are staying involved in Amateur Radio, by writing a brief note or article for the Club Web-Site, or by helping to co-ordinate an interesting on-the-air or Zoom Meeting. Are you passionate or knowledgeable about a topic that you can share? What Club activities would your participate in?

As for me, I’ll be around, lurking in the background, willing to provide assistance. I often monitor 146.52 MHz FM, and my phone number is: (603)-428-3840.

73, And farewell to a strange 2020.

Dale Clement, AF1T


Contoocook Valley Radio Club Upcoming Events

Happy New Year! The CVRC celebrates its 60th Anniversary in 2019. As your elected Vice-President, I am expected to solicit Club programs. Input from you, the Members, is needed to keep our Meetings interesting. If you have a specific topic and presenter in mind, please let me know at: Tel. 428-3840, or email I will pursue the suggestion. Detailed contact information will help.

Monthly meetings are normally held on the 2nd Tuesday of the month, at The Hopkinton Library in Contoocook, at 61 Houston Drive, off of Pine Street.


  • Jan. 8: Show and Tell – Bring your projects or gadgets to show us!
  • Jan. 15- Alternate snow date if Jan. 8 Meeting is postponed.
  • Feb. 12: Digital Communications
  • March 12: Optical Communications – Talking Over a Beam of Light. AF1T, N1JHJ, and W1RGA.
  • April 9: 60th Anniversary Program – Club History.
  • May 14: S.O.T.A. – Summits-On-The-AIR. -Portable Operating.
  • June 11: Field Day Program
  • July 9: Field Day Wrap-Up Program TBD.
  • Aug 13, Sept 10, October 8, Nov. 12 Programs to be determined.
  • Nov. 12 – Election of 2020 Officers

December – No meeting at Library. Annual Family Christmas Party will be
held at a local restaurant.

Business Meetings normally take place two weeks after the regular Meetings. All Members are invited to participate in Club affairs.


Dale Clement, AF1T

Events of Special Interest

  • January 19-21: ARRL VHF Contest. Rules at Click on Contest Corral. Look for Club Members on 146.52, 223.50, 446.00 MHz FM, and other VHF/UHF Bands.
  • March 2-3: ARRL DX Contest Phone.
  • Feb. 16-17: ARRL DX Contest CW.
  • March 17: CVRC Flea Market and Hamfest Community School, Western Ave., Henniker, NH. – This is our Big Event. We need volunteers!
  • May 3-4: NEARFEST Deerfield Fairgrounds.
  • May 4-5? NEQP – New England QSO Party Contest.
  • June 8-10: ARRL VHF Contest.
  • June 22-23: Field Day at AF1T QTH Henniker, NH.
  • July 20 or 21? CVRC Family Picnic Elm Brook Park, Contoocook, NH.
  • December? Annual Christmas Party. Date and location TBD.


Dale Clement, AF1T

New cvrc officers elected

The annual election of officers was held at the November 13th general meeting.  Elected for the 2019 year were new and returning officers:

  • President:  Larry Beagle
  • Vice President:  Dale Clement
  • Secretary:  Steve Jones
  • Treasurer:  Mickie Clement

Actually, they are all returning, some with time off.  Thank you to those who ran.  A big thanks to Jen Shaw, K1JNE, retiring after years of service to the club as President.