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CVRC Field Day

June 25 & 26, 2022

This year’s Field Day Emergency Preparedness Exercise will take place at Dale Clement, AF1T’s house, on top of Craney Hill, in Henniker. The address is: 49 Corbin Road (1 Tower Road for GPS – If you enter Corbin Road, it will take you EVERYPLACE else!). We will have the Special Call Sign, K1B. Please let AF1T know if you would like to operate a shift or just take turns, for new-comers. Telephone: 603-428-3840 There is room for a few tents for anyone who would like to operate and camp out.

If you do not wish to operate, Dale will need help with Computer Logging since he cannot see a computer screen. Let him know if you wish to have any meals.

We will order sandwiches from The Harvester Market for lunch at 12 noon, on Saturday. Let us know what your choice is before Friday, June 24th, as they need a days notice. Let us know which of the following meals you wish to attend: We will serve a traditional Saturday night supper, Hot Dogs And Beans, at 6 PM. On Sunday morning at 8, we will have Egg McMuffins. At 2 PM, after the close of Field Day, we will share a large meal of Chinese dishes. Meals are free to participants who either operate the radios or who help with set up or take down. The Club will, also, provide a Porta-Potty, generator fuel, bottled water, and soda.

On Thursday, June 23, at 10 AM, help is requested to pick up the tent and tables from the Club Storage Trailer, then to set them up at the Field Day Site. We will gather at the Edmund’s Hardware Parking Lot in Henniker, then proceed to 831 Hemlock Corner Loop. If you have a pick up truck, and some free time, call Steve Jones, at 603-491-5081.


CVRC Field day

This annual event will take place June 27-28.  Complete Rules are at  This year, home participants may list their Club, and contribute to an aggregate Club score.  Also, home stations using commercial power (Class D) may contact each other.  So, please get on the air from home, or from our Club Station (or both), and credit the Contoocook Valley Radio Club!

 The Club will operate a multi-transmitter station at my location (Class E, with generators and existing antennas).  We will use the special call-sign K1B.  Please let me know if you would like to operate a shift.  My phone number is: 428-3840. There is room for a few tents, if anyone wishes to operate and camp out.  We will need help with computer logging, copying the ARRL  FD Bulletin, and social media promotion.  Does anyone do Face Book?  Plan to bring your own food.  We may do a take-out Saturday noon or Sunday, after 2 PM, to be decided by those present.  We will provide some menus for Henniker eateries. Please bring cash to cover your cost.  The club will provide a Porta-Potty, generator fuel, and bottled water.

CVRC Field Day

The CVRC Emergency Preparedness Exercise, “Field Day”, will take place 2 PM, Sat., June 22 until 2 PM on Sunday, June 23. The location will be at the property of Dale and Mickie Clement (AF1T and W1MKY) – 49 Corbin Road, in Henniker (for GPS, put, 1 Tower Road). We will be operating with generators and pre-existing antennas. If you wish to participate, please call us, ahead, at 428-3840. Also, let us know if you want one or more meals at $5.00 each. There will be Sat. Lunch at Noon, Supper at 6 PM, Sunday Breakfast at 8 AM, and Sunday Lunch at 2 PM. We will need operators and loggers, and a few people to help put up the tent at 10 AM on Friday, and to help with take down after Lunch on Sunday. Drinks are provided for the whole weekend. We hope you will visit, and maybe get on the air for an hour or two. To get all of the available Bonus Points, we will need a site visitation from an elected official and a representative of an agency (eg. Red Cross, Emergency Management, Law Enforcement). Can someone arrange a Site Visitation?

Contoocook Valley Radio Club Upcoming Events

Happy New Year! The CVRC celebrates its 60th Anniversary in 2019. As your elected Vice-President, I am expected to solicit Club programs. Input from you, the Members, is needed to keep our Meetings interesting. If you have a specific topic and presenter in mind, please let me know at: Tel. 428-3840, or email I will pursue the suggestion. Detailed contact information will help.

Monthly meetings are normally held on the 2nd Tuesday of the month, at The Hopkinton Library in Contoocook, at 61 Houston Drive, off of Pine Street.


  • Jan. 8: Show and Tell – Bring your projects or gadgets to show us!
  • Jan. 15- Alternate snow date if Jan. 8 Meeting is postponed.
  • Feb. 12: Digital Communications
  • March 12: Optical Communications – Talking Over a Beam of Light. AF1T, N1JHJ, and W1RGA.
  • April 9: 60th Anniversary Program – Club History.
  • May 14: S.O.T.A. – Summits-On-The-AIR. -Portable Operating.
  • June 11: Field Day Program
  • July 9: Field Day Wrap-Up Program TBD.
  • Aug 13, Sept 10, October 8, Nov. 12 Programs to be determined.
  • Nov. 12 – Election of 2020 Officers

December – No meeting at Library. Annual Family Christmas Party will be
held at a local restaurant.

Business Meetings normally take place two weeks after the regular Meetings. All Members are invited to participate in Club affairs.


Dale Clement, AF1T