Officer elections & the Prez says

The Ballots have been counted, and the following CVRC Officers have been unanimously elected for 2021:

President – Wolf Seidlich, KA1VOU.

Vice-President – Dave Perrin, K1OPQ.

Secretary – Steve Jones, N1JHJ.

Treasurer – Michele Clement, W1MKY.

Many thanks to Lindsay Collins, K1JY, for thoroughly conducting and overseeing the Election process.

Please give the Officers your support in guiding the Club through these difficult times. In particular let everyone know how you are staying involved in Amateur Radio, by writing a brief note or article for the Club Web-Site, or by helping to co-ordinate an interesting on-the-air or Zoom Meeting. Are you passionate or knowledgeable about a topic that you can share? What Club activities would your participate in?

As for me, I’ll be around, lurking in the background, willing to provide assistance. I often monitor 146.52 MHz FM, and my phone number is: (603)-428-3840.

73, And farewell to a strange 2020.

Dale Clement, AF1T

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