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CVRC June 8th mtg

We are going to have an in person meeting outdoors at Dale’s (AF1T). Cheers erupt.  It has been a long time. Gather at 6 pm. We will have short business mtg. Then we will plan Field Day activities for this year.  Plan to meet old friends and new members.  After that all who are interested will adjourn to Sonny’s for a bite to eat and socialization.  We will social distance. Bring a folding chair.  Direction to follow in future email.  Please share any input on the email reflector.  Hope to see you all soon.


The last Meeting in 2020 will take place Tuesday, December 8, at 7:30 PM via the K1BKE Repeater, 146.895 MHz (100 Hz Tone). In a normal year we would have a Christmas Party at a local restaurant. This is certainly not a normal year. Our tentative Program will be “A Holiday Wish List”. What do you most hope for during this Season.

This On-The-Air Meeting will be followed by a “Zoom” Party, co-ordinated by Wolf, KA1VOU. The theme will be “Merry Ham Holidays”. Maybe we will vote on who is wearing the ugliest Christmas Sweater, the most impressive attire, or who shows off the tackiest gift. I know this is a poor substitute for the “Yankee Swap” but do you have a better idea?

73, Dale Clement, AF1T

CVRC October 13th meeting

The October 13 Club Meeting will take place at 7:30 PM on the K1BKE Repeater (146.895 100 Hz Tone). Steve, N1JHJ, will discuss the topic of ” Finding A Good Radio Location”. This will address portable and fixed stations, practical antenna heights, obstructions, and issues of special concern to HF, VHF, and UHF/Microwave operation.

We will vote on reimbursing Frank, N1FDR, for expenses incurred in restoring our 442.400 MHz Repeater. Many thanks to him for accomplishing this successful task, as well as to Don, W1FKF, for donating the antenna, K1CFI, and NI1F for tower work, KB1RIJ, KC1CHJ, KB1QV, and others for their support.

Invitation to CVRC July 14 Two Part Meeting

Our regular CVRC Meeting is scheduled for July 14, 7:30 to 8 PM, via our Repeater on 146.895 MHz (100 Hz PL).    Then, at 8 PM, we are planning to follow the radio meeting with a presentation about Coaxial Cable by Bob Slettin, KB1QV, using Zoom.  Vice President, Wolf Seidlich, KA1VOU, will be our Host.  Look on Wolf’s Email, scroll down and click on the link to join the Zoom Meeting.  See if you can get it set up a few minutes before the 8 PM starting time.
Bob, KB1QV, gave an excellent brief Field Day educational program about Coax, and he can share more insights about why we need to minimize the signal loss in our feed lines, and how this is actually achieved.

June 9th meeting

Please participate in our third “ON THE AIR” CVRC MEETING Tuesday, June 9, 7:30 to 8:30 PM, via the K1BKE Repeater, 146.895 FM (100 Hz PL). The big topic will be Field Day. You may have questions or comments about other topics as well. Many thanks to Ernie, W1MRQ, for hosting the May Meeting. There were 20 check-ins.

CVRC On the Air Meeting – May 12

Please participate in our “On-The-Air” CVRC Meeting on Tuesday, May 12, 7:30 to 8:30 PM.  It will be conducted by Ernie Gray, W1MRQ, via the K1BKE Repeater, 146.895 MHz FM (100 Hz PL).  We will have a format similar to last month’s meeting, with a “Q & A” (Question and Answer) Session.  Since you are probably home working on projects and antennas, there should be plenty to discuss.

CVRC On-the-air – April 14

Participate in an ON-THE-AIR CVRC MEETING on Tuesday, April 14,
7:30 to 8:30 PM. It will be conducted by our Secretary, Steve Jones,
N1JHJ, via the K1BKE Repeater, 146.895 MHz FM (100Hz PL). Since the cancelled Library Meeting would have been a “Show-and-Tell” Forum, we will continue this theme and invite you to briefly describe your projects or accomplishments.

CVRC Meeting Feb. 11th

On Tuesday, Feb. 11th, we will have our monthly meeting at the Hopkinton library, on Houston St. in Hopkinton.

The meeting will highlight an emergency communications forum presented by Rob Farley, k1cfi.

Rob will discuss ARES (the amateur radio emergency service) and will be accompanied by others. Cars, (the capital area repeater society) will also be discussed.  Others will also join that conversation.

Rob is extremely well qualified to discuss these activities, especially based on his many years as a professional in this area.

Many of us will join up at Dimitri’s, around 6:00 pm for dinner, prior to the meeting which starts around 7 to 7:30 pm.

CVRC Events

2020 Upcoming Events (incomplete List)

Jan. 14, Tuesday, 7:30 PM, CVRC Regular Meeting, 61 Houston Dr.,
Contoocook. Speaker: Tom Perkins, AC1J, “Nerd Success- 60+ Years of
Ham Radio”, weather permitting.

Jan. 18, (Sat). 2 PM to Jan. 19, (Sunday) 11 PM ARRL VHF Contest.

Jan. 25 (Sat). 2 PM to Jan 26, (Sun) 2 PM, Winter Field Day.

Feb. 10 (Mon.) 8 AM to Feb. 14 (Friday) 7 PM. ARRL School Club Roundup.

Feb. 11 (Tuesday) CVRC Meeting, 7:30 PM. To Be Determined.

Mar. 10 (Tuesday) CVRC Meeting, 7:30 PM. To be Determined.

March 22 (Sunday) 8 AM to 2 PM CVRC Hamfest/Flea Market, Henniker
Community School, 51 Western Ave.

CVRC Meeting – November 12th

The Contoocook Valley Radio Club regular meeting will be held on Nov. 12, 7:30 PM, at the Hopkinton Library, 61 Houston Drive, in Contoocook. “Cal” Calvito, WA1WOK, from Ham Radio Outlet, will show and discuss the latest equipment for our Christmas Wish Lists. We will, also, hold Election Of Officers. For more information call Dale at: 428-3840.

At our Oct. CVRC Meeting, Doug Alwine, AB1GW, filmed Joe Reiserts, W1JR’s Talk on Hearing, then made DVD’s of the Talk. He will bring them on Nov. 12.

Join us, at 6:15, as we treat Cal to dinner at Dimitri’s before the Meeting.