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CVRC Field Day

June 25 & 26, 2022

This year’s Field Day Emergency Preparedness Exercise will take place at Dale Clement, AF1T’s house, on top of Craney Hill, in Henniker. The address is: 49 Corbin Road (1 Tower Road for GPS – If you enter Corbin Road, it will take you EVERYPLACE else!). We will have the Special Call Sign, K1B. Please let AF1T know if you would like to operate a shift or just take turns, for new-comers. Telephone: 603-428-3840 There is room for a few tents for anyone who would like to operate and camp out.

If you do not wish to operate, Dale will need help with Computer Logging since he cannot see a computer screen. Let him know if you wish to have any meals.

We will order sandwiches from The Harvester Market for lunch at 12 noon, on Saturday. Let us know what your choice is before Friday, June 24th, as they need a days notice. Let us know which of the following meals you wish to attend: We will serve a traditional Saturday night supper, Hot Dogs And Beans, at 6 PM. On Sunday morning at 8, we will have Egg McMuffins. At 2 PM, after the close of Field Day, we will share a large meal of Chinese dishes. Meals are free to participants who either operate the radios or who help with set up or take down. The Club will, also, provide a Porta-Potty, generator fuel, bottled water, and soda.

On Thursday, June 23, at 10 AM, help is requested to pick up the tent and tables from the Club Storage Trailer, then to set them up at the Field Day Site. We will gather at the Edmund’s Hardware Parking Lot in Henniker, then proceed to 831 Hemlock Corner Loop. If you have a pick up truck, and some free time, call Steve Jones, at 603-491-5081.