CVRC September 8th two part Meeting

Our regular CVRC Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, September 8, 7:30 to 8 PM, via our Repeater on 146.895 MHz (100 Hz PL). Then, at 8 PM, we are planning to follow the radio meeting with a presentation about ” HF Operating” by Barry, NF10, and Mary, NE1F, using Zoom. Vice President, Wolf Seidlich, KA1VOU, will be our Host. Look on Wolf’s Email, scroll down and click on the link to join the Zoom Meeting. See if you can get it set up a few minutes before the 8 PM starting time.
(You can read about another club’s success with Zoom in the July, 2020, QST, pages 61-62.)

Barry and Mary Whittemore now live on a 1600 Foot mountain in Unity. -It’s Ham Heaven! They are well known DXers and Contesters. Please don’t miss this one!

If there are any questions, please call Dale at 428-3840 or call Wolf at 321-8821

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